Treehouse vs Udacity – Which One Is Better For You?

Online courses are best when they are served in bite-sized pieces. Modular learning on demand is exactly what distinguishes online courses from schools or universities and both, Treehouse and Udacity, are perfect examples of how knowledge can be made available at any time and in an easily digestible form.

In this comparison, we want to showcase the strengths and weaknesses of the two online course websites and explain which provider is suitable for whom.

Treehouse vs Udacity – High Level Overview

Price $25/month (Basic) $399/month (Nanodegree)
Trial7 daysNo

There is a huge discrepancy in pricing with Udacity being more than tentimes as expensive. But… Udacity offers over 200 courses for free. You only have to pay the monthly subscription if you sign up for one of their Nanodegrees (not recognized by universities).

Let’s Have A Closer Look At Treehouse

Treehouse offers precisely what you are looking for in a provider of online courses. A modern and flexible way of learning new skills at home.

In our review, we found Treehouse to be beginner-friendly. Each assignment brings you closer to your goal of complete the course and mastering a specific skill. There will be video tutorials, interactive practice sessions, and quizzes.

You will have access to personal statistics to follow your progress. Sadly only via Browser as a Smartphone App is not available yet.

Which specializations are available on Treehouse?

There is a wide variety of more than 300 courses of typically 1-3 hours of length. Treehouse narrows the range of topics down to web design, web development, mobile development, and game development.

You can also opt into one of their so-called Techdegrees. These are a more premium version of the standard learning experience and offer a more individual structure with a curated curriculum and projects as well as personalized feedback for your code.

Before you get excited and sign up for a Techdegree, be warned that the price is $199 per month.

Let’s Have A Closer Look At Udacity

Udacity is the bigger brand, so you might have heard of it first. That doesn’t mean it is preferable, though.

While the 200 free courses are well received, they do not compare to the paid courses. While knowledge is conveyed and the quality of the classes is high, the interactive part of the Nanodegrees is missing.

You can absorb the content of the courses, but you feel like you are alone in the classroom. Communication with other students and tutors is apparently not intended.

Die question remains if any of that really changes once you sign up for a Nanodegree.

The answer is yes! You will get a much more customized learning experience, which includes real-world projects with tech companies, mentor support, sessions with a career coach and access to the student community.

While you will definitely get a high-quality curriculum tailored to your needs and skills, this doesn’t secure you a job afterward. What is does though, is to help you get your dream job by improving your skills and getting your professional profile seen by employers in the tech industry.

With the help of a technical mentor and a personal career coach, you will both dramatically improve your skills and prepare your profile for recruiters and HR personal.

Courses are available in programming and development, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, data science and autonomous systems.

Which one is for you – Treehouse or Udacity?

Which program is right for you depends on your goals. Do you want to learn some skills and need professional help getting there? Then Treehouse is absolutely right for you.

But if you are eying a specific job and you lack the prerequisites, then Udacity might be the best option for you. That being said, the Nanodegrees of Udacity are ambitious and you need to be very serious about it.

The help you get with Udacity to find your job through career coaching, including interview preparations, resume services, as well as Github and LinkedIn profile reviews is a big selling point for the Udacity Nanoprogramms.

To sum it up: Treehouse is more for people who quickly want to learn specific skills while Udacity helps you prepare for your dream job.

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