Pluralsight vs Treehouse – Detailed Comparison (2020)

Pluralsight and Treehouse are two of the most popular learning platforms on the Internet. No wonder, since both offer clients top-class courses and a perfect environment to improve their skills and learn new ones.

It is difficult to make a decision about which online course provider suits you best. That’s why we have devided to compare them, to give help you with that decision.

While many think that Treehouse is more suitable for beginners, while advanced users are better off with Pluralsight, we have had a different experience: Pluralsight is more comprehensive, while Treehouse offers so-called techdegrees which will prepare you for a new career from start to finish.

Now we are going to explain to you what that means in practical terms.

Pluralsight vs Treehouse – High Level Overview

Price $29/month$25/month (Basic)
AppAndroid & iOSNo
Trial1 month7 days

Perhaps the biggest difference is the number of courses. Pluralsight is much more extensive.

It is also a fact that Pluralsight offers the modern website and app among all online course providers. Treehouse is also easy to use, but here too Pluralsight has the edge.

What we like about Treehouse though are their Scholarships. They like to work with nonprofits to enable free education on their website.

Let’s Have A Closer Look At Pluralsight

At first glance, the most outstanding feature of Pluralsight is definitely its website. It is modern, easy to navigate and on top of that, there is a mobile app for Android and iOS. You will instantly feel like this learning platform was brought to us by some kind of hyper-advanced alien species while in fact, you can use it for less than 30 $ per month.

Pluralsight does offer detailed courses or more specifically paths with a range of relevant courses for you to learn and master a technical skill. The range of paths is very satisfying but never wanders too far from the core, namely IT, data science and software development.

There is also a small but very useful feature called skillIQ. This is basically an assessment of your relevant knowledge before you start the course. Like this, you will not have to listen to the instructor babbling on about things you already knew. Rather you jump right into the nitty-gritty and actually work on improving your skills.

The overall quality of the course is exceptional. Pluralsight understands how to combine quantity and quality. It is up to you though to choose the most relevant and up to date material. As you know the tech space is developing with light speed these days, so you are well adviced to check out the newst courses and paths on the platform.

You can find a lot more specific information in our Pluralsight review.

Currently, you can use the one month trial to gain first-hand experiences with Pluralsight.

Let’s Have A Closer Look At Treehouse

Treehouse as an online course provider is a very straight forward offering. You have access to a library of courses all related to coding and web development with a few exceptions like Photoshop and Management.

While we told you in the beginning that Treehouse is not necessarily just for beginners, the courses are very well suited for them. Instead of just adding to your existing skillset as an it professional, you can learn skills from scratch. Treehouse will provide you with video tutorials, interactive practice sessions, and quizzes.

When we tried Treehouse, we decided to take part in a few online courses to get a first-hand impression of the educational standards. We can say that Treehouse offers a high quality of education via their video courses and interactive practice sessions. Most of the team, a course is 1-3 hours long.

Now let’s talk about tech degrees – the most impressive feature of Treehouse. This is some kind of premium education on their platform. You will have to pay $199 per month for each Techdegree but what you get in return ist a much more tailored program.

If you want to break into a new industry or transition into a new career path as you will be guided through a learning programm that improves your professional, technical, and soft skills. There will be code reviews so you get adequate feedback.

Which one is for you – Pluralsight or Treehouse?

In the end it comes down to your current career. Are you already established in a career and just need to add some specific skill or do you want to build a new career from scratch?

If the first applies to you, look no further than Pluralsight. They are perfect for professionals who constantly seek to improve their skillset. With many paths and thousands of specific courses, you can make full use of a relatively small monthly subscription fee.

But if the latter applies to you and you want to fork out and go for a techdegree, than Treehouse is the best available education platform for you.

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