Pluralsight Review – Is Pluralsight Worth It?

With so many online course providers, the question remains: How do you choose the right one? If you are not yet sure whether Pluralsight is right for you, you have come to the right place, because in this review we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of Pluralsight in detail.

What is Pluralsight?

To sum things up, Pluralsight is an online educational platform which is worth to spend time on to learn new concepts. Pluralsight provides hands-on training with very targeted material by high-quality educators for reasonable prices.

Pluralsight has been offering online video courses since 2007, targeting IT oriented people and creative professionals. To date, Pluralsight offers over 6000 educational programs to IT oriented people. Some of the courses offered on the website are Software development, IT Operations, Big Data, Game design, Cyber security, audio engineering and many many more. The courses material on their website is very specialized and this allows you to improve your knowledge in short time. In fact, many IT companies refer to Pluralsight as part of their employee training and development programs. As well, their online educational services are used by world-renowned companies like ADP, Adobe, and Nasdaq which is really worth a mention.

These courses are designed in such a way to help users to prepare for industry certifications such as Microsoft, CompTIA, PMP and much more, courses which are designed towards a specific industry certification and generally cover more than the suffice exam material. This is because the courses are concentrated on the skills that is outlined in the certification syllabus.

Pros & Cons

  • πŸ‘ Categorized courses based on experience
  • πŸ‘ Mobile and offline viewing
  • πŸ‘ Learning paths
  • πŸ‘ Industry certification training
  • πŸ‘ Subject-matter expert’s educators
  • πŸ‘Ž Tech focused courses only
  • πŸ‘Ž Some videos might be a bit lengthy
  • πŸ‘Ž Website might be a bit difficult to navigate

Full Pluralsight Review

Let’s get familiar with the most important features of Pluralsight so you get a better idea of what awaits you after you buy a subscription.


Pluralsight offers educational paths in Web Development, IT, Data Science and Information Security. Part of these various paths (last time we checked, there were more than 100) are mostly around 10ish single courses which vary in length.

You will be able to start learning skills form the ground up or start directly as an intermediate with the help of a skill assessment. Pluralsight automatically tracks your progress and visually illustrates your path to mastery.

Pluralsight not only targets individuals with a desire to improve their skills and gain new cutting edge skills but also teams of IT professionals. If you lead for example a software development team, you can use Pluralsight to measure the skill-level of team members and develop their skills accordingly.

On top of that, Pluralsight offers interesting case studies and webinars with live Q&A.


  • Python Programming
  • Cloud Development
  • JavaScript Programming
  • Game Development
  • Database Development
  • Microsoft Courses
  • Mobile Development
  • Autodesk Revit- Ethical Hacking
  • CompTIA Security Training
  • Scripting in various languages
  • Cyber Security
  • Malware Analysis


This is the bread and butter of online course providers. If the quality of the courses is not hight enough, you should keep the membership fee instead.

To measure the quality of Pluralsight’s courses, we have both tried out courses ourselves and found out, what other customers have to say about their experiences with Pluralsight.

Let us begin with our own experiences. At first sight, we noticed that the courses are up to date. Since Pluralsight has not yet been around for too many years, we are still following the latest trends here.

Especially the selection of courses in the area of software development we found very strong. We followed the AngularJS path with its 13 courses – each of them was detailed enough with 3 to 4 hours, but not overwhelmingly long.

The optional SkillIQ test allows Pluralsight to analyze if you already have useful prior knowledge and possibly skip courses.

We really loved how Pluralsight made it easy for us to progress and never lose sight of the path in front of us. We found the quality of teaching high – probably even higher than on other platforms like Codeacademy.

Other customers tend to agree. A common criticism seems to be the pricing though, which can be seen as a bit high depending on your personal situation. For exmaple, if you use the learning platform only occasionally, you will not get the best value out of it. Use it regularly and you will find the pricing to be competitive. (Check out the pricing later in this review).


While Pluralsight does issue certificates, there is one thing you need to know: Pluralsight certificates are not state-approved. Unlike universities, for example, they are not accredited educational institutions.

This means that if you have a certificate from Pluralsight you will not be accepted for further studies at the university level. Pluralsight cannot offer you this kind of qualification.

But this does not mean that Pluralsight certificates are worthless. They serve as proof that you have learned the appropriate skills. For example, if you apply for a job, you have a better chance of getting a certificate because Pluralsight is an online course provider with a good reputation that is also used by employers to protect their employees.

Pluralsight also offers specialized courses that count towards certain modules of continuing education programs like CompTIA, PMI, ITIL and ISACA.

Customer Support

Pluralsight offers help with all aspects of the learning platform. You will have access to how-to articles, walkthrough videos, and an FAQ section. If you need to contact the support, you can either open a ticket, call or simply write an email.


Pluralsight has two packages for personal and business use. We will review what each package offers and their subscription method. 

Pluralsight Personal

This subscription is available using a monthly subscription or yearly. The Personal monthly subscription costs $29 per month. The Personal yearly subscription has a one-time payment of $199 but will save you up to $49 which is almost a 2 months payment. This subscription provides access to the entire library of courses, Skill IQ and Role IQ quizzes. One fantastic feature offered by Pluralsight is that their training material is also available through their mobile and TV apps, as well as offline mode. Hence, your training material is always available for you, it is just one click away. We recommend this subscription plan to people who want to increase their knowledge in other fields, without the need to get certification.

Pluralsight Personal Premium

On top of the Personal subscription, Pluralsight also offer a Personal Premium which comes at a cost $299 per year. In addition to the basic Personal plan it has three more features namely certification practice exams, interactive courses and projects. These three features help you to test your knowledge, making sure that the fundamentals of the course are fully understood. These exams and projects prepare you for industry certification like Microsoft, CompTIA, PMP and many more. In this subscription, one can find certification practice exams that are provided by Kaplan IT Training. This is a well-known IT certification to the industry. We recommend this plan to people who want to get certified in courses and expand their knowledge while getting certified for the taken courses.

Pluralsight Professional

This subscription is recommended for customers who want to group their learners into teams and create team managers to have insight on such courses. This is built on top of the Premium plan. Indeed, it offers access to all the course library, and offline and mobile viewing. The basic skills analytics offered in the Professional subscription plan allows you to identify the strength and the gap in your organization. The cost of this subscription is $579 per user per year.

Pluralsight Enterprise

This subscription is recommended for managers who want to improve the skills of their staff while monitoring the progress of each employee. The advanced skills analytics as well as advanced reporting offered in this subscription helps you to build fluid teams and reach team objectives. Indeed, such a platform provides the expertise to develop the skills of your team and move faster in the market. All the features in the Professional plan are included in the Enterprise plan but also adds Single sign-on (SSO), API Access, and Questions and answers which helps your organization to share obtained knowledge. This subscription is available for a cost of $779 per year.

Is Pluralsight worth it?

The million-dollar question is whether it is worth buying a Pluralsight subscription when there is other platforms or even free training material?

We do believe that for IT-related courses, Pluralsight has several advantages compared to other models.

  • A flat-rate subscription at very reasonable price earning Pluralsight a very competitive spot on the market 
  • Access to all the training course library
  • Pluralsight offers guided learning path targeting different audience from beginner, intermediate to advance
  • Specific, up-to-date material with a lot of hand-on experience that prepares you to the industry and industry certification

Pluralsight offer very targeted material for specific courses that is recognized by several big companies like Adobe, ADP and Nasdaq.  The courses are designed in such a way to teach you concepts and give you a deep knowledge about the subject. We do recommend you to follow this link and start a 10 days free trial. This will provide you the necessary visibility, whether Pluralsight is tailor-mode for you, being the right online education platform for you.


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