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How good is Pluralsight’s Visual Studio course?

If you want to learn Visual Studio, you have a myriad of course providers at your disposal. All offer a variety of courses for IT professionals and people who want to become one.

Pluralsight offers its own educational path with beginners, intermediate and advanced courses. Time for us to have a closer look at what you can expect from Pluralsight’s Visual Studio path.

This is what you will learn in Pluralsight’s Visual Studio path?

This path consists of ten courses from the set up of a project to advanced debugging. You will start with three courses in the beginners section which help you to get started and then debug your own code.

Then you will learn how to use GIT and .NET, analyze code and finally migrate and build native applications to Azure.

So overall, the aim is to teach you how to use the Visual Studio, collaborate with others, understand and optimize code and debug errors.

All courses combined are 16 hours long.

The teachers of this skill path

The instructors of the currently 10 courses in this path are experts in their respective fields. It must be said that all the instructors have been friendly and presented their knowledge in a concise but easily understandable way.

That being said, you might have slight trouble understand some of the instructors if you do not speak English natively as some teachers might have an international accent. For most of you, this should not be an issue at all but it was something that we noticed while viewing the courses.

Do users like their Visual Studio courses?

Users seem to like the courses. You can find users praising the authors and the high quality of the courses.

We are going to quote some of the users now:

Hello Barry,

this course was awesome! I have already downloaded and started using VS 2019 and I love it! The improvements are great! Thanks for the demos

Robert H.

Hi Thomas,

again great job! Thanks!

Sergey S.

Great couse to learn basics of Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Foundations and Container.

Anwar U. H.

We did not find negative feedback regarding the course quality. Every now and then there were some issues with never versions of the software, where some detailed had changed but otherwise there appeared to be no criticism at all.

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