How good are Pluralsight’s SQL courses?

If you have decided to learn about SQL it is easy to feel overwhelmed nowadays, because of the multitude of online courses and academies available to you. Especially when the offer of most of them seems to be so similar.

Pluralsight’s SQL Courses are one of the best, if not the best online courses about the topic you can find on the internet. Users rate most of the courses between 4 and 5 stars. Meaning, they are very happy with the quality standards of Pluralsight.

Pluralsight offers many courses realted to SQL. In fact it offers more than 500 courses to the public. However, what strikes the most is that they offer a wide range of courses from an introductory courses on SQL, administration and maintenance of databases, cloud SQL databases and also ethical hacking on SQL. With such a wide variety, we are sure users will find the course most adequate to them in a single portal. Now we will explain to you how to best utilize Pluralsight’s courses and read some of the actual course reviews.

Learn SQL with Pluralsight:

Pluralsight offers a complete service for learning SQL, both theoretical and practical. In addition, you can select a course from all those available and learn specifically what you need to know about SQL.

Drive your learning curve from a beginner’s level to an expert in the field as you discover how to query, manage, and develop SQL server databases, create objects such as stored functions and procedures, and even use business intelligence platforms like Tableau.

Pluralsight provides a wealth of content, from the basics of SQL to create organized projections of data stored in MariaDB, to creating PostgreSQL database objects, such as functions to capture reusable query logic. But if you already have previous knowledge or are looking to strengthen your professional profile, using Skill IQ you will see what your level of knowledge is to get straight to the point. Moreover, you can take courses to improve your knowledge in administrating and maintain a production database.

Get to know a teachers of this curriculum:

A great team of teachers is waiting for you to share their knowledge expressed in all these courses you have now at your disposal. We introduce you to part of the team responsible for this curriculum:

The team of teachers that form the programs of the online courses of this platform are experts in the field, professionals with great experience and knowledge of the contents taught.

Before you sign up for Pluralsight, you should know that some teachers may have an international accent, but that should not be an obstacle in your learning experience or hinder your progress with SQL.

Do users like Pluralsight’s SQL courses?

As we have observed, students highly value SQL courses as well as their content. Students highlight the high quality of the programming, the courses and the attention given by the teachers. As a result, most users rate the courses with 4,5 stars (out of a possible 5).

Let’s see what some of the users think according to their own experience:

Outstanding course. Excellent meter and delivery. Level and depth of training was easy to follow and comprehend. Your course has increased my desire to learn more about SQL (which is something that I thought I would never admit). My wife (an MCDBA), will be surprised with my newfound desire to dive into the DBA field. Thank you for the introduction. You are a gentleman and a scholar, and people will sing your name in praise.


Just signed up for a pluralsight account and this is the first course I go thrue. Couldn’t be more satisfied! This really helped me a lot and made my studies a lot more fun. A big thanks to you Dan!

Oskar A.S.

Users on Reddit answered the question about the quality of Pluralsight’s SQL courses as followes:

PluralSight vets their authors very thoroughly. To be accepted by them as an author is not as simple as throwing together a quick demo and a blog post.

From a SQL Server perspective, they have courses by Glenn Berry, Erin Stellato, Kimberly Tripp, Paul Randall, Pinal Dave, and many others. The names I listed are just some very well known and respected speakers on SQL Server; I’m confident that if I spent the time, I’d find even more in the list.

We have rarely seen negative comments on Pluralsight or web forums. Most people really seem to enjoy these courses and educational paths. From our own experience, we can absolutely second that. But as always, we recommed you to have a look for yourself before you commit a course provider.

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