Teaching that is effective

Nothing is more fascinating than teaching history through songs, stories, plays and graphic art, produced by people involved in social change. Be it history, math, science, literature – with our training, tools and support, you'll have the time of your life helping your students explore and learn.

Teach more, teach better

Educomp Online aims at empowering teachers by equipping them with a vast repertoire of latest e-learning/online tools. Our stimulating videos, Online lessons with animations, 3D and 2D multimedia modules and practice tests help teachers in helping students comprehend and internalize abstract learning concepts. We expose teachers to instructional strategies supported by scientific study that improves teaching quality. Our learning program is easy to use. Even teachers who are not accustomed to Online instruction can quickly acquire the confidence to teach even the tough subjects well.

Why Educomp Online?

We help teachers effectively implement instructional strategies so that the diverse set of learners can learn better. Alongside, we enable teachers to monitor and keep track of their students’ progress in real time through Online tests, home assignments, study notes, etc.

Post assignments for students

From your desk, send an assignment in the form of a file attachment to a student, a set of students or an entire section of a class. It’s a quick and efficient way to send assignments.

Assign tests and monitor progress

With a few clicks, assign tests to a student, a set of students or an entire class. Whether it’s for a test or an entire session, track and monitor their performance on a regular basis.

Plan effective lessons

Make lessons more hands-on and interactive by watching thought provoking videos before the beginning of a session.

Send messages to students

Easier to use than an email service, send messages directly to the teachers, students or their parents – even on their mobile phones.

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