Where learning is synonymous with fun

What if books could talk, numbers could form equations, Achilles could fight the Trojan War, Caesar could die saying ‘Et Tu Brute’, Earth could tilt planes? With Educomp Online, this happens right here in your classroom. You don’t just learn history, science, literature, formulas - you create, reinvent and comprehend lessons and concepts your way.

Learn more, learn better

Learning with Educomp Online is fun and easy. Our Online lessons with animations, 3D and 2D multimedia modules, video tutorials and practice tests help you comprehend and internalize abstract learning concepts. The content repository consists of thousands of highly animated and lesson specific multimedia modules. Through regular news and updates, 24/7 available class content, tutorials and practice tests, students can stay ahead of the class. Try our sample lessons to see how learning is like with Educomp Online.

Why Educomp Online?

With your School, with your Class - Educomp Online makes it easy to stay connected. You can get news about the school, share notes with the teachers, download assignments, homework and study notes and be the first one to give birthday wishes to your classmates.

Download class assignments

Did you miss a class? Ask your teachers to send you video tutorials, tests, study notes and assignments to cover the part you missed. A simple download and you can stay on top of everything in your class.

Take tests and check your score

Want to know if you are prepared for your exams? Take tests and compare your test scores with your past scores and the scores of your classmates. There is no better way to know where you stand well before your exams start!

Get birthday reminders

When it’s your classmates' birthdays, why not be the first one to wish them? Get birthday reminders of classmates on your Educomp Online home page.

Receive news and announcements

Stay up to date with what’s going on in the school even without asking! Receive news, announcements and daily updates from the school principal in your Educomp Online inbox.

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