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A virtual school for Educomp Smartclass schools, Educomp Online is at work in over 2500 schools all over India. We are transforming the way teachers teach and students learn in schools. It’s a new age technology movement soon to touch every class and every school in India.

Benefits of Educomp Online

We empower schools to deliver more value for students, parents and teachers through a range of highly targeted learning and teaching solutions. Educomp Online understands that to implement a program, you need training and support. From teacher training to administration support, continuum of curriculum and services to administrative systems, hosting and reporting tools, we offer everything you need to run the show successfully. We employ best researched and the most widely implemented methods of helping all students to learn more successfully.

Why Educomp Online?

Educomp Online is a virtual school for Educomp Smartclass schools. The schools get access to Educomponline.com website along with Smartclass implementation. With Educomp Online, schools get access to a vast repository of highly animated, lesson specific, 3D and 2D multimedia modules and can perform activities such as the following:

Manage teacher and student accounts

A single access is all it takes to track teachers’ and students’ activities and manage their accounts. There’s no better way to have complete control over the usage of system.

Send out news and announcements

Send school announcements and messages to teachers, parents and students from a single place. It’s an easy and quick way to keep everyone informed on what’s new at school!

Customize school information

Customize school website with a logo, address and contact information for the first impression. A great first impression certainly goes a long way!

Share school event pictures

Upload pictures of all the school events on the homepage. Share photos and videos with people who matter to you. Sharing school albums has never been so easy!

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